Assistant Director of Engineering

Job availability expired Job availability expired

Posting Date: 31 March 2022
Closing Date: 15 May 2022
Job Reference Number: HRHB/JD-ENG-002/Assistant Director of Engineering
Type of Employment: Fixed-term


  1. Direct supervision and scheduling of Technical band members
  2. All preventative maintenance programs
  3. All repairs and maintenance work orders
  4. Inventories and procurements of parts and supplies
  5. Accident prevention and safety
  6. Energy conservation
  7. Neatness and cleanliness of the Engineering shop and all areas under direct control of the division
  8. Proper orientation, training and development of the Technical band members
  9. Conduct briefing each day
  10. Maintaining the room maintenance plan
  11. Keeps track on plans, check sheets and logs
  12. Planning and scheduling preventative maintenance
  13. Planning and scheduling corrective maintenance
  14. Planning and scheduling project work
  15. Regular inspections
  16. Lead or otherwise facilitate the transfer of information regarding priorities, assignments and problem solving at the various briefing sessions each day.
  17. Fire Alarm/Life Safety System - To monitor systems as necessary, to be fully informed of the operational systems and to handle emergencies involving the system. To have a working knowledge of fire sprinkler and emergency power systems.
  18. Emergency Conservation - To observe and analyze energy and utilities usage in the hotel and on the grounds. To look for ways to conserve energy and report any ideas to the Engineering and Executive management.
  19. Emergencies - To be available for any emergencies and act in an Engineering capacity to protect Guests and Band Members, and preserve the building and its system during an emergency. To act quickly and responsibly to return the building to its normal operating status. To inform Director of Engineering of such emergencies.
  20. Accident Prevention and Safety - To be aware of all existing divisional job safety analysis and to strive to work in an accident free manner and to create a safe work environment for others. To continuously look for conditions, which may endanger band members and guests of the hotel and take immediate action to correct such hazardous conditions found.
  21. Record - To read, log, track, and interpret readings from meters, gauges and other measuring units. To maintain a thorough log of each day's activities’ problems that occur to ensure this information is passed into other shifts.


To apply, send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]

To apply, send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]