F&B Manager

Job availability expired Job availability expired

Posting Date: 31 March 2022
Closing Date: 15 May 2022
Job Reference Number: HRHB/JD-F&B-002/F&B Manager
Type of Employment: Fixed-term


  1. Lead or otherwise facilitate the transfer of information regarding priorities, assignments and problem solving at the various outlets briefing sessions each day.
  2. Know your job and continue your self-development by self-directed learning and participation in company sponsored training programs.
  3. Ensure all band members under your supervision are scheduled according to the hotel’s level of business.
  4. Ensure the correct implementation of all cash-handling procedures in the departments under your supervision.
  5. Network within the company and the industry to keep abreast of developments affecting your field of expertise.
  6. Manage all outlets under your supervision as separate profit centers and train outlet managers to operate accordingly.
  7. Assist in the operation at peak times and any other times business needs require your hands-on assistance.
  8. Work together with accounting to organize inventories in the departments under your supervision.
  9. Ensure implementation and maintenance of service standards quality and all policies & procedures related to your department, yet improving on them whenever possible, in order to provide the best possible functional state.
  10. Have a good understanding of the hotel’s emergency procedures and ensure implementation of those related to your department when required.
  11. Ensure all guest requests and complaints are handled appropriately adhering to the hotel’s general guidelines for complimentary F&B items and refunds.
  12. To ensure maximum care is given to the maintenance of the physical assets of the department in order to keep it in the best possible functional state.
  13. Ensure all band members have knowledge of their current job description and job descriptions are updated in a timely manner.
  14. Standard Operating Manual is constantly updated and in full effect.
  15. Participate in all meetings related to the division.
  16. Personally involved in the monitoring and training of employees.
  17. All actions pertaining to discipline or counseling of f&b band members are made in oral and in writing with note to file.
  18. Provide support to establish systems which assists in monitoring the achievement of department goals.
  19. Coordinates and supervises the preparation, presentation and service of food products to ensure highest quality at all times.
  20. Implements a daily, weekly and monthly checklist for all food and beverage areas. Ensures proper follow up to attain maximum quality and efficiency.
  21. Oversees all functions and events in the hotel and performing checks to ensure it is carried out in a timely manner and according to set standards.
  22. Be involved in ensuring training needs analysis of food and beverage band members are carried out and training programs are designed and implemented to meet needs.
  23. Participate in the preparation of the hotel’s Strategic Plan, Marketing Plan, Goals Program and the Food and Beverage Budget.
  24. Enforce, oversee and impose application of the Guest History / Profile System.
  25. Supervises and assists the Director of F&B in pricing and preparation of menus, beverage and wine lists.
  26. Assists the Director of F&B in the supervision and timely execution of all Performance Management and Development Systems in the department.
  27. Ensures the overall hygiene and sanitation standards in the department is maintained on a regular basis.
  28. Perform related duties and special projects as assigned.



To apply, send your cover letter and resume to careers.bali@hardrockhotels.net

To apply, send your cover letter and resume to careers.bali@hardrockhotels.net