Executive Sous Chef

Job availability expired Job availability expired

Posting Date: 28 December 2022
Closing Date: 1 February 2023
Job Reference Number: JD-FBP/002
Type of Employment: Full-time


As Executive Sous Chef, you are responsible for the work performance of one or more subordinates in the back-of-house of guest service for consistently meeting all guests’ needs & wants, according to your assigned area of responsibility in the Food & Beverage Production department that is Starz Kitchen, Pizzeria Kitchen, Banquet Kitchen, Pastry, Cold Kitchen, Stewarding, Rock Royalty and department administrative functions. Assist Executive Chef / Director of F&B to direct the procedural and personal dimensions of one or more work processes through these subordinates. An increase in personal efficiency and effectiveness is expected when you work as a team with your subordinates, colleagues and superiors to achieve common goals and targets given.  You will :

  • Set high personal and professional standards for the departments under your supervision by your own performance
  • Recognize outstanding individual performance and deal with substandard performance fairly, immediately and constructively
  • Give clear, concise directions, provide support and supervise your subordinates to ensure that directions are properly executed
  • Seek and take responsibility for your actions and those reporting to you
  • Establish a climate of motivation and enthusiasm in your division
  • Actively participate in the F&B division’s revenue and cost control strategies
  • Understand and ensure implementation of policies and procedures pertaining to your division’s operation
  • Constantly seek to develop the expertise of those reporting to you thru constant and consistent training and guidance
  • Have a deep understanding of the hotel’s Vision and integrate this into your daily activities
  • Adjust to changes in job requirements and the hotel’s operational strategies to meet business needs
  • Exercise moral judgement, imagination and courage in the practice of leadership.
  • Assist the Executive Chef / Director of F&B in delivering on the Hotel and departments goals, visions and missions
  • In conjunction with Executive Chef / Director of F&B review all audits and guest satisfaction reports results and action accordingly
  • Provide training in food skills and knowledge to subordinate
  • Supervise daily food preparation and service requirements
  • Assist the Executive Chef / Director of F&B in the preparation of the annual business plan and monitoring the Kitchen budgets and implement corrective action where necessary
  • Control cost whilst ensuring the hotel’s guests expectations and needs are exceeded
  • Balance staffing levels and labour costs to achieve cost effective running of the outlets and maintain the operation covered at all times


  • Diploma in Hospitality, Culinary or a related field
  • 8 - 10 years’ experience in the Food & Beverage Production and 2 years in the senior management or related area(s)
  • Strong organizational skills and interpersonal skills and the ability to work under pressure keep calm in difficult situations, problem solving skill and focused in a fast-paced working environment
  • Well-developed leadership skills
  • Ability to give clear and concise instructions
  • Proactive work style
  • Creative and innovative
  • Strong knowledge of food and beverage
  • Hands-on approach to all operational aspects
  • Excellent communication skills and computer skills
  • Well training and coaching skills

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