IT Executive

Job availability expired Job availability expired

Posting Date: 1 December 2022
Closing Date: 30 August 2023
Job Reference Number: JD-F&A-24/IT Executive
Type of Employment: Full-time


As IT Executive, you are responsible for the work performance of one or more subordinates who are in the back-of-house of guest service for consistently meeting differing guests’ needs & wants consistent to your assigned area of responsibility in the Finance department, that is, IT. You direct the procedural and personal dimensions of one or more work processes through these subordinates. An increase in personal efficient and effectiveness is expected when you work as a team with your subordinates, colleagues and superiors and achieve common goals and targets.  You will:-

  • Ensure all data on the hotel computer system is backed up daily. This includes Opera, Micros, E-point, HOS.
  • Be on call for IT related emergencies.
  • Install IT related soft/hardware in the hotel with the approval of the IT Operations and Development Manager.
  • Regularly check all PCs in the hotel for viruses and run virus cleaning programs when necessary
  • Assist in maintaining the hotel’s management information system and only make adjustments with the approval of the IT Operation and Development Manager.
  • Set high personal and professional standards for your division by your own performance.
  • Give clear, concise directions, provide support and supervise your Band Members to ensure that directions are properly executed.
  • Assist in create and implement long term goals and strategies that will cause your division and therefore the hotel to succeed and grow.
  • Understand the product image the company aims to project and ensure that image is reflected in every aspect of the manner in which you manage your division.
  • Communicate effectively within the organization at all levels using the most appropriate communication method for the matter concerned.
  • Maintain an efficient and effective administrative system in your section.
  • Assisting to set policies and procedures pertaining to your section’s operation and ensure all manuals are up to date.
  • Ensure all your section policies and procedures are in synergy with related departments and Hard Rock International guidelines.
  • Understand the hotel’s general policies & procedures and align all your section’s activities and your personal actions as an Executive.
  • Maximize the use of available technology and systems to get results.
  • Ensure the facilities, equipment and offices under your supervision are maintained in excellent condition.
  • Be informed and keep your supervisor informed of all matters that may affect your work, the hotel’s service or reputation.
  • Always present a clean and tidy appearance in accordance with the hotel’s grooming standards.
  • Be flexible and open to changes in your job responsibilities, and/or roster to meet business needs.
  • Be a team player and maintain good relationships with fellow Band Members.
  • Know your job and constantly seek to develop your expertise by participating in company sponsored training programs.
  • Assisting IT Manager on IT related Project implementation.
  • Providing IT related program / Courses training for fellow band members
  • Establish a climate of motivation and enthusiasm in your department.
  • Constantly seek to develop the expertise of those reporting to you.
  • Have a deep understanding of the hotel’s Vision and integrate this into your department’s daily activities.
  • Adjust to changes in job requirements and the hotel’s operation strategies to meet business needs.
  • Exercise moral judgment, imagination and courage in the practice of leadership.
  • Assist other sections of the Finance Department in the month end closing in areas of trouble shooting IT related problems.
  • Assist in the computer related skills training for the individual department.


  • Minimum diploma in IT computer science
  • Minimum 3 – 5 years relevant working experience in IT (preferably in Hotel industry)
  • Implementation experience in firewall, property management system, point of sales system, accounting system.
  • Experience in windows, windows servers, VMware, Veeam and other relevant systems.
  • Good working knowledge of MS Office 365, web applications, spiceworks and network infrastructure

To apply, send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]