Marketing Communications Manager

Job availability expired Job availability expired

Posting Date: 25 April 2018
Closing Date: 18 June 2018
Job Reference Number: HRHP/JD-S&M-011/Marketing Communications Manager
Type of Employment: Full-time


  • You will need to ensure that the hotel’s product image is professionally reflected in all communications to the hotel’s potential guests and patrons as well as the local community and the media.
  • Have a keen understanding of the hotel’s market segments and their expectations
  • Constantly seek to identify unmet customers and patrons’ needs and work towards developing new or improving current products and strategies to sustain our competitive advantage
  • Network within the company and the industry to keep abreast of developments affecting your field of expertise
  • Develop and maintain the hotel’s identity manual
  • Prepare, budget, implement and adjust if necessary an annual marketing communications plan for the hotel
  • Work closely with all departments to organize promotional events
  • Develop and keep an up-to-date rockin’, creative and informative press kit
  • Organize media visits and generally maintain an excellent relationship with the media
  • Coordinate the development of hotel’s collaterals
  • Maximize positive exposure for the hotel in the media and local community
  • Maintain and maximize potential from the hotel’s social media channels to ensure the best possible exposure and engagement.
  • Organize community events i.e. Hard Rock International Culture Club programs, showing the hotel’s care and involvement in the community and concern for the environment


  • Aspiring & ambitious
  • Determined & enthusiastic
  • Optimistic & realistic
  • Socially independent
  • Aware of opportunities
  • Risk taker
  • Negotiating & public speaking skills
  • Able to meet datelines
  • Process creative thinking
  • This position is restricted to individuals with the right to work in Malaysia

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